Meet The Member

This weeks member is Matthew Cox



Where did your Triathlon or Running journey begin?

I had dabbled at school, competing in cross country at the south west champs in a pair of football boots. But it didn’t really get going until a friend and work colleague challenged me to run a half marathon in under 1hr 30mins after I had just struggled round one with very little training. I took up the challenge and ran a 1.21 at Bristol….. I’m still waiting for him 😉

Triathlon’s begin with a trip to the capital to watch the London 2012 event in Hyde Park, it took me a a couple of years to do an event after, but that was my inspiration.

First organised event you participated in?

Bath Half Marathon – 2013 in 1.43 I think.

JLL Property Triathlon – on a borrowed bike, in a very baggy pair of shorts in about 1hr 20 and I loved it!!

Favourite event?

Croyde Surf Tri is always an awesome weekend.

I’ve done 2 SwimRuns with Breca, one in The Gower and one in The Lakes and they are awesome! I’d highly recommend doing one of those!

After an event, alcohol or protein shake?

I’m a big believer in celebrating achievements, so I always enjoy a couple of beers post race, but after a big race….. the Tequila really ought to come out as well 😉

Bucket List event?

I would love to race in NZ, so

Breca SwimRun Wanaka and Challenge Wanaka , they lend themselves to a cheeky month over there…. so watch this space

Favourite piece of kit?

Oooh tough, I love my Mizuno Hitogami trainers, I’m in at least my 5th or 6th pair. Inov-8 X-Talons are a serious off-road show that I wouldn’t be without as well.

My bikes not too shabby either…….

Preferred nutrition?

Pre Race – Pizza

During – SiS Gels, Snickers and SiS BetaFuel

What is the best thing about race day for you?

I love racing….. love it. For me competing is where I get my buzz.

What is the worst thing about race day for you?

Early mornings. Racing should be done on a Saturday afternoon! Well Done Immortal Sport for buying into this philosophy!!

Preferred discipline .. swim, bike or run?

Bike for show, Run for Dough

All about the run for me!

Goals for 2019?

I’ve just finished my season with a marathon, so I’ve not thought too far ahead yet. But for the first time going long has entered my mind.

Where are you racing next?

Nothing! I’m on rest. Two or three weeks fully off, then a month of having fun, running on the Quantocks, Mountain Biking, and doing whatever I fancy. Then I’ll think about racing again.

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