Our weekly schedule


We have just introduced our Couch 2 Coffee. A 5k (ish) distance aimed at beginners & those returning to fitness.


Zwift Night ... Fun training & racing from the comfort of your own home. Great at this time of year & our discord channel allows you to chat to fellow members as you cycle.


Club Night starts with running, every other week we have our track session at Millfield, a good chance to test out the legs. The weeks we aren't at Track we train at Tor Leisure Glastonbury & the surrounding area.


Swimming at the fantastic Millfield 50m Pool, fully coached sets for all abilities. This follows the run so members can attend both.


As a club we like to get out for a weekend social ride with a coffee stop, a good chance to catch up with other members at a social pace.


As well as cycling we have our social runs, we are lucky to be situated in this scenic part of the country meaning we can explore some fantastic routes.


We do love a good race & putting our training to the test at an event. We are fully affiliated, join us and race as part of our team.


It's not all about training & racing, we have some great social events throughout the year for all members to enjoy.